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One House. Three Creators.


Rakett focuses on the development and production of entertainment formats for the Norwegian market. We are a company of young creators focusing on smart and cost-effective productions – always with that slightly unexpected twist.


Strix introduced the reality genre to Norway in 1999. Since then we have developed and produced a long list of very popular and award-winning reality- and lifestyle shows. We always aim to tell entertaining stories with a deeper meaning.


Novemberfilm is a film and television production company that makes high-end documentaries and other video content for the Norwegian and international TV-market. Our mission is to find and tell the strongest, most touching and important stories from Norway.

Strix, Novemberfilm and Rakett tell stories worth sharing. We are very proud to have some of the best storytellers of the industry working with us. Our three offices are all under one roof, and with so much expertise in one place, we are able to offer our customers one of the most diversely qualified environments for Norwegian content production.

I kongens klær


En bit av historien


De bortførte barna


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Dette er en test – Her er det

Jørgen Hermansen

CEO, Strix

Agnete Thuland

Head of Production, Strix

Hildegunn Larsen

Head of Development, Strix

Kjetil Johnsen

CEO, Novemberfilm

Cecilie Sjølett

Head of Production, Novemberfilm

Vidar Amundsen

Executive Producer/Head of Development, Novemberfilm

Peter Blanck

Head of Content, Rakett, Novemberfilm & Strix

Anders Akselsen Tanderø

General Manager, Rakett